“One word us five girls used quite too much is “shame”, but TMC taught and helped us realise we have nothing to be ashamed of. Be proud of who you are no matter what colour, shape or size you are because everyone is beautiful”

PLC Indigenous students

“Joining TMC was probably one of the best decisions of my life! Not only is the tutoring fantastic and personalised but I feel like I have a community outside of school which is friendly, caring and supportive. All the tutors are incredible and Isabella has done a great job of creating a safe and balanced space. “

Enrolled student

“TMC has had a positive influence on my teenage daughter. She has found a safe space to voice her thoughts and feelings. She now feels part of a supportive community. In the short time she has been a part of TMC, I have seen significant improvement in her communication with other family members, her application towards schoolwork and use of social media.

Thank you to Isabella and her team for providing this unique, beneficial and greatly needed program for teenagers.”


“The meet up collective is a great concept for teens! My child, currently in the program, is starting to get confident in certain areas and learning how to deal with anxiety.

The teacher and mentors are great and say child looks forward to their group on a weekly basis”.


Lauren Robert

“The Meetup Collective has more than exceeded my expectations. My 16 year old daughter looks forward to and loves her weekly meet-up! I very quickly noticed gains in her schoolwork, her approach to set assignments, confidence, resilience and happiness. I think TMC is a great program and want to thank Isabella and her team for going above and beyond to make it really work.Jane Maywood, East Fremantle

Jane Maywood, East Fremantle

Isabella at TMC is friendly and funny, and knows how to approach us with humour and kindness when things aren’t easy. She has helped me see a lot of things, that words actually can’t explain.

We talk like equals, which is one of the things I love most about Isabella – she treats you as if you’re on the same page. I would say we’re quite similar so talking to someone who has been through the teenager stage and wants to share their wisdom is wonderful.

Isabella talks to us with a sincerity, kindness and humour that makes us trust her easily, and that is what makes her a wonderful mentor.

Aayushi, 15

At the end of year 11 I made the tough decision to change from ATAR to non-ATAR. I wanted to continue with ATAR English however, to gain direct entry into University.

While I was barely passing, Isabella was always by my side and she helped me improve my grade to a solid 70%.

I have just started my degree and am very grateful for the support and guidance.

Alec, 18

“TMC is amazing! Isabella helped me gain confidence in my communication skills and stopped me second guessing myself.

Her approach is engaging and makes assignments fun. She is also very motivating and meets me at my level.

Isabella not only strives to achieve good marks for students, she also has an interest in their wellbeing. I always recommend her to my mates!”

Ammbigia, 16

I didn’t really take school that seriously, but Isabella’s banter and constant support got me over the line.

When I started with TMC I was failing English, but after a few months my marks started to improve and I got a great ATAR.

I can’t believe I’m now at uni!

Nick, 18

The role Isabella at TMC has played as a mentor has been extremely important in the development of both my personal and interpersonal skills.

Her caring and kind- hearted approach to what she does has provided myself and other program participants with the confidence to be ourselves.

Being a mentee not only helping me cope with school stresses, it also helped me grow as a person.

Kaylee, 17