TMC has helped me incredibly to develop passion for my subjects in order for me to perform to the best of my abilities.

Isabella’s skills for completely simplifying and breaking down the context of the syllabus enables me to get to the core of what the subjects contain.

At TMC, Isabella helps me develop and acknowledge the skills I have in all of my subjects. She assists in me gaining confidence and deepening my knowledge.

At the start of each session, Isabella and I first discuss our week and how it has been. This helps me to fully concentrate and reduce any anxieties or stresses I have had that week in order for me to retain all of the information, to get the most out of the tutoring lesson and it helps me gain  confidence in my upcoming tests. 


Ben, 17

Isabella has enabled me to become more confident within myself, whilst learning new strategies and coping mechanisms to deal with school-related stress, emotions and communication skills.

I would highly recommend anyone who is experiencing adolescent difficulties to consider Isabella because she has really helped me overcome challenges throughout my high school years.

Isabella has not only helped me grow as a person but has allowed me to become more confident within myself and my surroundings.

Felicity, 16

“I enjoy coming to TMC and having fat chats with Isabella about different stresses including friendships and relationships.

Isabella helps me cope with problems, manage my time and stress and learn to understand myself as well as others.

My grades have also really improved with the help of tutoring in Maths and English”.

Maddy, 16

“TMC has not only provided academic guidance but also mentoring. It gives me a place to go when there’s not many people to talk to.

Coming to TMC has made me realise that mental health is very important for academic success”.

Jay, 17

“Having weekly visits to TMC not only improves the stability of my school work and stress maintenance, but it also gives me a place to get advice on how to deal with situations.

This makes my day so much better simply because I get through big chunks of work and worries. This leaves me feeling fresh, calm, happy and de-stressed”.

Eloise, 15

“Every Saturday I spend a few hours with Isabella at TMC. Each week I alternate what I do. One week we will work on subjects such as History, English or Maths with another tutor. The other week I talk with Isabella about my mental health. During these sessions I talk about my stresses and worries”.

Elise, 16

“I enjoy coming to TMC because it is a safe, welcoming home that we can ely on, and express our feelings openly in”.

James, 15

“One of the many benefits of TMC is the access to a welcoming and safe space to discuss my emotions and life.

The use of hands on activities also allows myself as well as my mentor to relate concepts being taught at school to real life situations”

Georgia, 16

“One word us five girls used quite too much is “shame”, but TMC taught and helped us realise we have nothing to be ashamed of. Be proud of who you are no matter what colour, shape or size you are because everyone is beautiful”

PLC Indigenous students

“Joining TMC was probably one of the best decisions of my life! Not only is the tutoring fantastic and personalised but I feel like I have a community outside of school which is friendly, caring and supportive. All the tutors are incredible and Isabella has done a great job of creating a safe and balanced space. “

Enrolled student