Private Consulations

Private ‘meet ups’ are open to clients aged between 10 and 24. Isabella is a qualified Behavioural Scientist who has worked with young people for over six years. Using her friendly and warm personality to ensure clients feel comfortable, Isabella often draws on her experiences as a student and young person to build rapport, trust and understanding. Her humanistic and ‘realist’ approach to client’s experiences is rooted in social science findings and professional practice.

The Bachelor of Behavioural Science is offered exclusively at the University of Notre Dame’s Fremantle campus. The trans- disciplinary course draws on theoretical knowledge from a variety of schools, including but not limited to traditional, social and community psychology, sociology, political science and cultural studies.

Behavioural Science is philosophized by Prilleltensky and Nelson’ s (2002) ecological wellbeing model, which views individual’s health as a holistic entity, including the welfare of the social environment in which one lives. This conceptualisation of ‘health’ is also extended to people’s spirituality, cultural connections and identity, as well as their relational wellbeing. The wellbeing model also encourages one to consider the presence and importance of people’s sense of belonging to their society and community. Exposure to this ideological lens contributed to Isabella’s appreciation and respect for diversity in cultures, identities and lifestyle choices.

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