The Meet Up Collective (TMC) is a holistic education program designed to nurture the wellbeing of young people through a unique fusion of specialised mentoring and tuition.

We take a personalised approach to each student’s needs and personal and academic goals.

We establish a specialised program for each enrolled student depending on the identified goals which can shift and change.

For some, this can look like a term of group meet ups which are facilitated weekly.

The group meet ups are designed to develop confidence, social skills, rapport building, leadership, coping skills, and resilience.

The individualised tutoring involves assistance from the students’ carefully allocated mentors who specialise in varying disciplines.

Adaptability is key to our program’s success as we pride ourselves on our ability to move with students and intuitively identify their needs.

TMC provides a strength based pedagogy for young people to express themselves and become more engaged with their education.


Group and One-to-One Meet ups are facilitated weekly.


School Programs

As with all elements of TMC, we take a tailored approach to the needs of each schools cohort, ensuring we align with the values, ethos and outcomes of the particular organisation.

Year Group Meet Ups

Our year group visits run for an hour and include a comprehensive run down of TMC’s WHO WHAT and WHY. We also conduct a Q&A session where all students ask us a series of questions relating to certain elements of their lives, and each panelist (our mentors) answers with guidance, advice as well as honesty and a relatable story.

The aim of these visits is to encourage open and honest dialogue, build rapport and communication of difficult topics, whilst also enhancing awareness around our program and its accessibility.

School Workshops

TMC’s school workshops are designed around the needs of the school and particular cohort with which we are engaging. We conduct interactive activities and conversations designed to improve self confidence and expression, whilst enabling a sense of support, belonging and community within the cohort as well as the school context.

School Programs

Our school program is not dissimilar to our in-house term schedule. The focus and outcomes are determined by the individuals within the meet up space, and our approach continuously shifts and adapts to the presenting needs individually and collectively. students are paired with trusted mentors, whilst working within a large collective to grow together in multiple aspects.

Our different school program options include: