At TMC we believe in meeting students where they are at.

Everyone has a different learning style and ways of conceptualising information.

Because of this, we tailor our tutoring approach to individual students needs.

By meeting with students and their parents/guardians for an initial introduction, we take the time to identify students strengths, interests and the areas we can work together to improve.

We set personal and academic goals together, and work towards these over time.

Students are paired with tutors that are not only experienced in their subject field, but are mutually suited based on their interests, needs and personal preferences.



Our tutors also engage in the meet up sessions that run along side the hour of intensive tutoring.

The sessions are designed to bring students and tutors together in a space to share experiences, exchange tips and advice, and support each other.

At TMC, all tutors hold a mentoring responsibility which involves regularly checking in with students and helping them to stay on top of their work load and other stresses, outside of their scheduled sessions.

The consistent support and guidance offered by our team is what sets TMC apart. Everyone is recruited based on their attitude, work ethic and proven scholastic ability.