TMC’s enrolment process is unique in the personalised and tailored approach we take towards each student; their wants, needs and goals.

When a parent or student contacts TMC, Isabella will start by setting a time and place to meet with the prospective family. During the initial meet-up, Isabella spends time getting to know the student and their parents/ guardians. Once they have established common ground and Isabella has gauged the personal and academic needs of the student, Everyone present work through a collective agreement together.

meet ups.JPG

The collective agreement involves the identifying of personal and academic goals by students, guardians and Isabella.

Improved self confidence, communication and relationship skills, and stress management are common desires identified, whilst English, Maths and Science almost always appear in the tutoring section too.

The document is used as a binding point of reference for everyone. It’s an exciting and encouraging place to start student’s TMC journey.

Students enrol on a term-by- term basis. TMC’s 10 week program is divided into three sections;




Each stage involves a set of psychological and academic outcomes. Step by step, students develop a range of skills, learning coping mechanisms and developing confidence through interactive workshops and no-filter conversations.